March 2006

IPEX: Sector Specific Days

With so much innovation in so many sectors of the industry on show at IPEX, organisers of this year's show are helping visitors find the products and services they need by highlighting the latest trends on different days of the show. Each day, the spectacular INNOV8 theatre will host expert debates, presentations and case studies focusing on particular sectors to give specialist visitors a deeper understanding of the trends and technologies that most affect them:

  • Tuesday 4th April - Commercial printers
  • Wednesday 5th April - Newspaper and magazine publishing
  • Thursday 6th April - Packaging
  • Friday 7th April - Commercial printers
  • Saturday 8th April - Agencies
  • Sunday 9th April - Small and medium-sized printers
  • Monday 10th April - Dealers and distributors
  • Tuesday 11th April - Book printers

Did you know...?
Nokia has sold its one-billionth portable phone since it began producing the devices in the 1980s. They have introduced 400 different mobile phone models. Nokia holds 30 percent of the global mobile phone market of two billion plus subscribers.
(EDSF Report (Electronic Document Systems Federation))

Organisations believed they were spending an average of 3 percent of their revenues on copying, printing, and fax-related costs. Research and analysis revealed that overall document expenditures (including hardware, supplies, and people costs) in fact average 6 percent of annual revenues.
(EDSF Report (Electronic Document Systems Federation) - (InfoTrends/CAP Ventures)

The overall volume of direct mail has increased by 87% in the past 10 years.
Source: PrintWeek 1 Dec 05

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The secret to success

The Printing Industry today is a very tough business, there is currently over capacity leading to increased competitiveness and consequently reduced margins. Customers are continually chasing for lower prices and demanding the highest quality. To survive and prosper in our industry companies must increase efficiency and reduce costs. An American statistician once quoted that the 3 most important business factors for the future will be Delivery, delivery, delivery. The companies that will able to achieve these goals will be the ones that are the most efficient therefore delivering the product in the shortest time with the highest quality. These types of companies will have a much better chance of success despite competitive pricing. We can prove that Screen products will enable you to achieve the above.

INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Screen expands VLF CTP range with launch of large-format 24-page and 36-page PlateRite Ultimas at IPEX 06

Screen expands its VLF PlateRite Ultima range with the launch of two large format GLV-enabled thermal CTP systems: PlateRite Ultima 24000 and the PlateRite Ultima 36000. These two new VLF systems have been developed by Screen to complement the new larger format presses arriving on the market (such as the KBA 205, the MAN Roland 900XXL and Lithoman IV). The PlateRite Ultima 36000 is the world's highest productivity CTP system in its class and is introduced for the first time worldwide at IPEX 06.

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EUROPEAN LAUNCH: PlateRite News 2000 enriches Screen's CTP range

IPEX 06 marks Screen Europe's entry into the newspaper market with the launch of the PlateRite News 2000 CTP system. Specifically designed for newspaper prepress, the PlateRite News 2000 thermal platesetter incorporates Screen's expert CTP technology that has been fine-tuned through years of use for commercial printing applications.


INTERNATIONAL LAUNCH: Screen reveals new Trueflownet workflow suites and software modules at IPEX 06

At IPEX 06 Screen introduces a number of developments designed to bring new levels of flexibility and automation to prepress workflow for the commercial, newspaper, packaging and digital print sectors. Central to Screen's workflow strategy is the fully JDF-enabled Trueflownet environment, which encompasses a range of interconnected activities that integrate Screen software with a wide range of complementary third party products. IPEX marks the debut of The Rite Suite for customer management, The Trueflow Suite for production management, and The Color Suite for quality management.


Profit from CTP punching power

Brian Filler, Managing Director, Screen UK compares inline punching options on various CTP systems and looks at the benefits and cost savings behind investing in inline punching compared with punching plates off-line.