Inscreen newsletter
August 2004

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Screen Europe appoints CTP product manager - LabProof VP paper available from Screen - JDF: What's in it for me? - Cibergraf sales boost following drupa - Screen Inkzone solution extends Trueflow - Reprograf snatches Pole position - One customer: three sites! - Micra envelopes - Marc van Vught appointed to CIP4 board - B2 success in Belgium.
Screen Europe appoints CTP product manager

Rob Hageman joins Screen this month as CTP Product Manager. Rob has extensive technical and product management experience gained with companies such as Agfa and Wifac, our distributor in Benelux. Familiar with a wide range of digital printing technologies he is an excellent addition to the team and will provide a valuable resource for customers and distributors.
LabProof VP paper available from Screen
The new LabProof VP high-quality semi-gloss coated proofing paper is available from Screen. Compatible with high-resolution inkjet plotters including Epson, HP, Roland & Canon; LabProof VP delivers outstanding results for perfect proofs and is ideal for use with both pigment and dye-based inks. Available in 24" x 30m and 42" x 30m rolls companies can order online for rapid delivery and FREE printer profiles... click here to order online.
JDF - What's in it for me?

We've already looked at the technicalities of JDF in previous Hot Topic articles. This month Simon Eccles attempts to answer that vital question for printers everywhere: 'What's in it for me?' What are the potential benefits of adding a computerised administration layer to the manufacturing process? Simon examines the practical reality of JDF and provides a snapshot of its progress in the summer of 2004.
Cibergraf sales boost following drupa

Cibergraf has taken advantage of the drupa marketing push and has already sold seven state-of-the-art B2 PlateRite thermal platesetters, as well as a number of Trueflow management systems and imagesetters. Clients include regional government as well as the more traditional 4-up general commercial printer market. Pictured left is Pedro Sevilla of Filmscan who has invested in a PlateRite 4100 with Trueflow.
Screen InkZone solution extends Trueflow
The CIP3 InkZone to Print solution, launched earlier this year, provides printers with a powerful cost-effective tool to automatically set the ink zones on any number of presses direct from digital job CIP3 data generated by Trueflow prepress workflow. This removes the need for printers to scan the plate or invest in dedicated on press conversion systems.
Reprograf snatches Pole position
Reprograf has won a major Government tender over 6 other CTP suppliers to supply a fully automatic PlateRite 8000II with ATT, MAL 8800 and HQ RIP to the Prime Minister Chancellery-Service Center in Poland. The operation handles a great deal of government print, including ID cards and passports. The right features, options, price, cost of maintenance, plus a 36-month warranty period were conditions that only Reprograf with Screen could meet.
One customer - three sites!
Publisher Binkert has implemented a Screen production suite across three sites in Switzerland making full use of its remote workflow capabilities. The publishing centre uses Riteportal to submit page files online to the Trueflow v 3.0 system at its prepress facility for processing into 1-bit TIFF files which are, in turn, transmitted to the printing site. Here a new fully-automatic PlateRite 8000II receives the files and images the plates. Simple!
Micra envelopes
The PlateRite Micra has made a hit with National Industri, a Danish company with branches also Norway, Sweden and Ireland. Amongst other products, the company produces envelopes and has found the B3 system fits the task so well that they have bought 3 units to date from distributors Bie Denmark and Coloro in Norway.
Marc van Vught appointed to CIP4 board

Congratulations to Screen's Marc van Vught who has been appointed the new CIP4 Finance Officer and member of the CIP4 board of directors - in addition to his responsibilities at Screen! Marc brings a wealth of experience to the post: he began his career with KPMG and joined Screen in 1996 becoming one of the management team of Screen Europe in 2001 responsible for finance and human resources.
B2 success in Belgium
Wifac Belgium has found considerable success with the Screen B2 range over recent months. Small to medium commercial printers and prepress firms investing in a range of manual, and automatic systems, the majority equipped with Trueflow, include: Drukkerij Wilda, Drukkerij Gazelle, Grafisch Buro Maes and Atwork Studio van den Bempt. The B2 market is buoyant as companies invest in CTP for the first time and experience impressive improvements in production efficiency.